Your Parish Councillors


Chairman: Mr James Rudgley,  01234 870003,



Ms Dinah Ames 01234 870251;

Mr Derrick Folbigg 01234 870032;

Mrs Noreen Byrne 01234 871919; 

Mrs Ann Lovesey MBE  01234 870693;

Mr Stuart Southall  01234 870333;

Miss Siobhan Vincent  01234 870292,

Graham Pendrey 01234 870139;

Mr Stuart Howard 01234 870245;

Mr Tim Wood 01234 870245;

Mr Chris Hutton 01234 870245.

All Councillors can be contacted via e-mail at

The Parish Clerk can be contacted at the Parish Council Office, 59 High Street, Great Barford, Beds, MK44 3JJ

01234 870245, clerk


All Parish Councillors are required to submit a register of interests with the local authority.  This must be published on the parish website.

Bedford Borough Council maintain the list on the following location:- Register of Interests