Wöllstein Twinning Partnership

Great Barford is twinned with the town of Wöllstein in Germany.

The official Charter was signed on the 28th May 1978 at Great Barford, but the partnership started some 5 years sooner when Wöllstein and Great Barford Old boys football teams met several times between 1973 and 1978. Wöllstein has a population of over 4500 and is situated in the valley of the river Appel. Much of it is agricultural, growing corn and sugar beet, but it also has a large area of vineyards. Many visits have taken place over the years from our local school to the Bedfordshire county Brass Band.

Every year members of the partnership meet and spend a few days together, often staying in each others homes, one year at Great Barford and the next at Wöllstein. Long and close friendships have been formed over the years and the partnership are always looking for more members to join the Partnership.

Please click here for the official Great Barford-Wöllstein twinning partnership website

Contact John Vincent for further details. tel: 01234 870171 or visit the Facebook page