Did you know that you can view and comment on planning applications online?

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Did you know that you can view and comment on planning applications online?

This note explains how you can do this. It also explains how regular users can set up alerts when the status of applications changes and filter their searches to areas of particular interest such as wards or villages or if you have breach of planning enquiry. For assistance you can ring 01234 718068, email planning@bedford.gov.uk or refer to HOW TO GUIDES at www.bedford.gov.uk/searchplans

• go to www.bedford.gov.uk/searchplans

There are two ways of searching for Records from 1995: Please use option 2 if you have the application number

Option 1. on the map by address
• Please click on the map
• Click on the magnifying glass and type in the address click on the search button
• Click on the map on the site you are looking at
• A box will appear click on the arrow and all the History and some of the constraints will automatically appear for you to scroll through. Click on the LEGEND icon to identify those constraints that show automatically
• You can see all constraints by clicking on the LAYER LIST icon (3 squares on top of one another) and you can select or deselect any of the planning constraints.
• Click on For more information click here to be taken into the database for all the application details
• Click on the Down arrow to be returned to the map

Option 2. or by using the database directly as follows

• Use the following:
• Select Applications (planning), Appeals or Enforcement cases.
• ADVANCED SEARCH to locate applications by, for example: App No / Address / postcode / Ward / Parish / Decision / Application type or any combination of the criteria shown.
• SIMPLE SEARCH for application number or the first line of the address.
• PROPERTY SEARCH followed by the ADDRESS SEARCH to search on the address (please use the help with this page before conducting a search) this will then reveal all records on the site
• WEEKLY / MONTHLY LISTS to see those applications determined or registered
• You can also track applications and be sent automated emails when the status changes.
• FILE CORRESPONDENCE: is held in electronic format from 1995 – To Date at the Customer Services Centre only.

For whether or not something requires planning permission or for planning advice please refer to www.bedford.gov.uk/planningenquiries the interactive house provides a lot of information.

How to make comments on an application
• Online:- Go to www.bedford.gov.uk/searchplans Click on To VIEW AND COMMENT ON PLANNING APPLICATIONS link. Type in the application number and click on search then click on make a comment.

• By email to:- planning@bedford.gov.uk Please submit your comments as an attachment to the email (which does not contain your personal email address, phone number or signature) and quote the application reference number in the title and the word Object, Support or Comment so this can be recorded accurately (an automated email will confirm we have received this email). A paper acknowledgement with additional application specific information will be sent to the Customer’s home address once entered onto our planning database (this currently cannot be done by email))

• By Writing a letter:- to Planning, 4th Floor, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford,