Parish Council Elections – May 2015

March 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Would you like to be a Parish Councillor?

Parish Council elections will take place on the 07th May 2015.  Some of our current Councillors will be standing down and we are looking for some new enthusiastic volunteers to take up the baton.  The Parish Council is apolitical – the work of Councillors is to ascertain the needs of parishioners and to act as enablers. Our work covers many aspects of village life:

• Planning – The Borough Council is preparing its Local Plan 2032 and we will have an opportunity to influence how Great Barford will be developed over the coming years. The Parish Council is the process of forming a Neighbourhood Plan Committee to work on a Plan to define the needs of the Parish.  The Parish Council has also undertaken a Housing Needs Survey and is working to bring Rural Exception Housing to the village.

• Planning applications – The Parish Council considers all applications in the Parish and returns comments to the Planning Department at Bedford Borough Council.

• Manage and maintain parish assets – The Parish Council is responsible for the playing field, Jubilee Play Area, village green and a number of other areas of open space around the village.  The Parish Council also owns and maintains fitness and play equipment, litter bins, trees, CCTV, noticeboards, benches and some of the street lighting around the village. 

• Burial Authority – The Parish Council is the Burial Authority for the new graveyard and also maintains the closed churchyard

• Public information – The Parish Council works hard to get information out to the residents of our village.  A Parish Website and a Facebook page have been set up and a quarterly magazine is produced which is delivered to every household in the village.  An annual Information Day provides another opportunity for residents to speak with the Councillors and representatives from other agencies and village organisations,

• Liaison with other agencies– The Parish Council works with the Borough Council to ensure the maintenance of the Highways, Rights of Ways and trees around the village.  The Parish Council also liaises with the local police, housing associations and other agencies.

• Managing Parish finances – Parish Councillors agree a budget to deliver the services needed in the village and to fund repairs and improvements.  The budget and accounts are regularly reviewed by the Finance Committee.  The accounts are subject to annual internal and external audits.

• Allotments – The Parish Council manages the allotments on Addingtons Road.  This involves maintenance of the site, issuing of leases and collection of rent.

The Full Council meets on the third Tuesday of each month and Committees meet on the first Wednesday of the month.  Meetings are held in the evening at the village hall.

Serving as a Councillor is an important responsibility and our actions are subject to public scrutiny but training will be provided.

 Nomination forms can be requested from Bedford Borough Council or downloaded from 

The last time and date for Nomination Papers to be received at Borough Hall for the election is 4.00pm on Thursday, 9 April 2015.