Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group agrees way forward for Bedfordshire healthcare

January 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

BCCG agrees way forward for Bedfordshire healthcare
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Governing Body meeting, 7 January 2015

At a meeting of its Governing Body on 7 January, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group agreed the way forward for the development of healthcare in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire, following on from the recommendations contained in the progress report from the Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes Healthcare Review.

Proposals have been developed to take forward a programme of activity, tailored to the differing health systems in the north and south of the county, under the banner of ‘Your Health in Bedfordshire’ and in line with the progress report’s recommendations.

The proposals include exploring different models for a modern district general hospital model in Bedford, developing streamlined and easy access to urgent care services, closer working with healthcare providers and local councils to deliver joined-up care, and increased collaboration between GP practices through the formation of GP networks or ‘federations’.

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