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Bedford Borough Council schedule of meetings – Feb 2015

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The February schedule of meetings for the Borough Council can be found here

Update from UK Power Networks on Unsettled Weather Event on 14/15 January

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Please find below an update from UK Power Networks on the status of its response to the high winds experienced last night and earlier today in the South East and East of England.  

‘In response to the weather warnings we put in place our emergency plans which included having hundreds of extra engineers on duty as well as extra staff covering tree-cutting, call centre and technical roles.  It was a busier than usual night but our people, systems and processes have coped well.

Our priorities were to restore supplies to customers as quickly and safely as possible. Even though we are now operating in a business as usual mode, our safety message and information for preparing for a power cut below remains relevant. 

Anyone spotting a damaged power line needs to stay well clear and report it to UK Power Networks. Do not assume that power lines that are on the ground or hanging low are dead as they may remain live or could become live. Take extra care when clearing fallen trees as overhead cables or lines may be obscured by foliage, branches, roots etc and may still be live.  Do not approach within 5 metres of low or grounded power cables. 

To report any power cuts and damaged lines or for all power cut enquiries, please contact us 24 hours a day by:

Preparing for a power cut

Below is some useful advice on how our customers can prepare for a power cut:

  • Keep our freephone numbers handy
  • See the website for some useful videos offering you advice during a power cut.
  • Keep spare batteries for radios and torches – local radio stations often broadcast helpful information
  • Keep an old-fashioned corded phone which you can plug in, as cordless phones won’t work in the event of a power cut
  • Take care if using candles, tea-lights and other naked flames
  • Keep fridges and freezers closed, with a blanket over as they will stay cold for many hours
  • Switch off all your electrical equipment, except one light which will let you know when the power comes back on
  • Look out for elderly neighbours; please consider taking them a flask of hot water round or hot food 

UK Power Networks has a Priority Service Register for those who may be more vulnerable and require extra assistance in a power cut. You can find out more information on our website: ‘

Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group agrees way forward for Bedfordshire healthcare

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BCCG agrees way forward for Bedfordshire healthcare
Mum and baby with GP

Governing Body meeting, 7 January 2015

At a meeting of its Governing Body on 7 January, Bedfordshire Clinical Commissioning Group agreed the way forward for the development of healthcare in Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire, following on from the recommendations contained in the progress report from the Bedfordshire & Milton Keynes Healthcare Review.

Proposals have been developed to take forward a programme of activity, tailored to the differing health systems in the north and south of the county, under the banner of ‘Your Health in Bedfordshire’ and in line with the progress report’s recommendations.

The proposals include exploring different models for a modern district general hospital model in Bedford, developing streamlined and easy access to urgent care services, closer working with healthcare providers and local councils to deliver joined-up care, and increased collaboration between GP practices through the formation of GP networks or ‘federations’.

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Announcement of the formation of Great Barford & Mowsbury Cricket Club

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Over the past few months, Great Barford and Mowsbury Park Cricket Clubs have held talks about coming together to form a new cricket club.  On the 10th December, the newly formed committee unanimously agreed that a new club be formed.  The following key points were agreed:

  • The new team would be called Great Barford & Mowsbury Cricket Club
  • The club would operate a trial year, from 01st January 2015 to 31st December 2015 with a view to becoming permanent thereafter
  • The club would play matches in the Bedfordshire Invitational Saturday League
  • The home ground would be located at Fishers Close, Great Barford
  • The club would operate one team with a view to growing to two teams in the following season

This is an exciting opportunity for the clubs to grow and move forward as one new club.  Events on the horizon include a pre-season get together and a nets practice.

Free flu vaccination available for carers

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Why should carers have the flu vaccination?

  • If carers become ill with the flu, they are unable to provide their usual care, which may leave those they care for at risk of poor health
  • Carers with flu may inadvertently transmit flu to vulnerable individuals that they care for
  • Having the flu vaccination annually protects carers and those they care for against flu

Are all carers eligible for a free flu vaccination?

  • Carers are eligible for a free flu vaccination if they receive a carer’s allowance or are the main carer for an elderly or disabled person who may not be able to care for themselves if their carer becomes ill. It is recommended carers have the flu vaccination

I am a carer and I had the flu vaccination last year, do I need it again?

  • Yes, the flu virus changes every year and the vaccination is updated annually to protect against the types of flu circulating this year. A flu vaccination is needed each year to remain protected against flu

How do I receive the free vaccination?

  • If you are a carer, make an appointment with your GP to discuss the flu vaccination, letting them know you are a carer. Your GP will assess whether your care responsibilities mean you are eligible for a free flu vaccination. Your GP will provide this vaccination free of charge if you need it.

Anyone in doubt about whether they qualify for a free vaccination is urged to talk to their GP or local pharmacy.

For info on the pharmacies offering flu jabs this winter visit and click on ‘Choose Well this Winter’.

Alistair Burt MP – Advice centres

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Alistair holds regular Advice Centres around the constituency where you can have the opportunity to discuss issues and concerns you may have. These Advice Centres are open only to constituents of North East Bedfordshire.

Advice Centre dates:

  • Saturday 24th January  Stotfold Conservative Club 10am – 12 noon
  • Saturday 7th February Clapham Methodist Hall  10am – 12 noon
  • Friday 20th February Sharnbrook Village Hall  4pm – 6pm
  • Saturday 7th March Harrold (venue tbc)  10am – 12pm
  • Friday 20th March Biggleswade Conservative Club  4pm – 6pm

If you would like to make an appointment, please call Katherine Arnold on 01767 313385.

Please note:
  • it would be helpful if you could bring any relevant paperwork with you. If necessary Alistair can take this away to make copies and return originals (or arrange for you to collect them from Biggleswade)
  • Alistair is unable to discuss 3rd party issues. If your concerns are on behalf of someone else, they will either need to attend with you or sign a form to confirm they are happy for you to act on their behalf.
  • If the matter is urgent, please contact the Westminster office by phone/email initially. Staff might be able to begin making enquiries and arrange for you to see Alistair once we have further information on the situation.  Telephone – 0207 2198132. Email –

The Jubilee tree seat has been relocated to the village green by the river.

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Jubilee seat new 1




A1, Black Cat roundabout, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire: Improvements

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A1, Black Cat roundabout, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire: Improvements 

A scheme to ease congestion and improve journey time and safety (part of the Government’s £317m pinch point programme, which aims to boost local economies by reducing congestion and delays at key locations) has started. It involves a new road alignment to enlarge and widen the existing roundabout, new safety fencing, improved drainage, new surfacing on the roundabout and installation of lighting columns and traffic lights. The work will normally take place between 7.30am and 5.30pm from Monday to Friday, with the occasional night time lane closures.

From Tuesday 13th January to Sunday 18th January, from 9pm until 6am, the A1 southbound will be completely closed to carry out essential surfacing works for the new carriageway. The diversion will be via the Wyboston/A428 interchange and Barford Road rejoining the A1 at Tempsford. During the road closures only, traffic will only be able to travel along Barford Road southbound, and its weight restriction will be lifted temporarily. 


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