Play Area at Woodpecker Close

July 23, 2012 in General News

On the 18th July 2012, the Parish Council held a meeting with the residents of Woodpecker Close to discuss the closed play area. We were fortunate to be joined by Jim Caffery (Planning Officer) & Simon Fisher (Parks and Countryside Manager) from Bedford Borough Council. The Parish Council was represented by the Chairman opening the meeting and introducing the representatives from BBC. Unfortunately, a representative of Leach Homes (the developers) couldn’t make the meeting.

It was great to see so many residents attend despite the rain and thunder.

The ownership, insurance and upkeep of the play area were discussed and the representatives from the council explained that it would potentially stay shut until a management committee and then residents association could take it over.

Moving forwards, it was discussed that the residents would look into forming a residents association and approach Leach Homes with a single voice and opinion. Both the representatives of BBC & the Parish Council confirmed they would give all assistance and advice they can to the residents in their endeavours to secure such an association, including both parties writing to Leach Homes to show support for the residents.

Great Barford Ward Bedford Borough Councillors Mrs Ellis & Mr Moon, both who live in the village, would also be pleased to offer any support possible to the residents in this matter. All Councillors details can be found under the “Your Parish Council” section on the website.

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